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Another bike ride

A week from today Jacque and I embark on another bicycle tour beginning in Seattle, Washington.  We shipped our bicycles and gear ahead a few days ago.  If all goes as planned we should start our slow roll next Sunday afternoon. Last year’s tour effectively ended in the middle of North Dakota.  We threw in the towel after succumbing to the gruesome prospect of crossing the Great Plains with strong prevailing winds in our faces.  Here’s to an easterly direction helping us out with fair winds! Within a week of ending our tour last summer we had some regret.  This year when we are feeling “tour weary” we have committed to taking a few days off the bikes before we make a decision to end our tour.  We have no specific distance, destination or time planned for this trip.  I have jokingly talked about making this year’s trip a “where the wind blows” tour with the idea that we ride each day in the direction of the wind. Seriously though we are shooting for last year’s end point.  So, stay tuned for pictures and short updates along the way!

Map key: Green represents our goal to finish last year’s tour.  Red is our feeling great, why not keep on until we reach Washington D.C.? Blue is our crazy, wishful thinking idea to keep going until we reach Santa Rosa Beach, Florida which happens to be the new home of our son Scott and his girlfriend Margie.

Oh yeah, one last note.   We had a fabulous three months in the Asia-Pacific region this winter.  See our pics here.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    John and Jacque,
    Have a safe trip and we’ll look to hear from you when ever you have time to catch up. Keep the wind at your back and the rain in the sky.
    love ya and love your show…..
    Tim and Monica

  2. Lisa Shilts
    Lisa Shilts says:

    Wishing you an uneventful, smooth trip this year! It’s the same route Kyle took so if you get somewhere and have questions please get in touch with him or me (I was pretty involved in his first trip, helping line up places and finding help when he needed it.) Sorry that your route will be a little north of us – but if you need anything while in Wisconsin let us know and we’ll try to help.

    You guys are so motivated and determined – I’m so impressed that you’re giving it another try! Remember, no matter what changes you make and decisions you ‘update,’ you are still having a successful adventure.

    • John
      John says:

      Great to hear from you Lisa! Thank you for the well wishes and encouragement. If we make any changes that send us your way we will absolutely stop by for a spell. Please tell Todd howdy for us.


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