An amazing year!

As the year draws to a close and we reflect on 2016, we feel humbled and grateful for the experiences we have been so fortunate to enjoy.  We traveled to new parts of this country as well as the world and we enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures.   Our exposure to other ways of living continue to somehow make the world seem smaller to us.

Reflection Pool – Vienna, Austria

Our year began with our first trip ever to SE Asia.  Throughout Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia we saw natural beauty while we also learned about ancient architecture, religions, culture and food.  In May we started our cross country bicycle trip in Maine and managed to ride just over 2,000 miles to the west.  We were able to take our time exploring several new states across the northern part of the United States.

After recuperating from our bicycle trip we headed back to Europe for two more months of travel.  We started in the green north of Ireland and Scotland before we headed to the continent where we learned more about several countries in Eastern Europe.   We continued to be amazed by how eager people are to share with us the passion for their homes, country, customs and of course, food.

We’ve been blessed to spend real time with family and friends during the year but we still miss crossing paths with so many others.

Until next time, we hope this finds everyone with great peace and joy in your hearts.

The world is an amazing place!

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  1. Po
    Po says:

    You’ve been to some astonishing places. I went to Nepal and India the past year which was an experience itself. Hopefully, I will have enough time to see the entire world as there is more to see 🙂 Traveler for life


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